1st community workshop HBP network simulator

Organized by Andrew Davison, Jeff Muller, Jochen Eppler, David Lester, Abigail Morrison and Markus Diesmann (HBP SP5 & SP6) in collaboration with the EITN (HBP SP4).


The HBP creates novel ICT infrastructure for the neuroscience community.

Simulation engines in software and hardware for different levels of description are accessible through a unified collaboration portal (UP) providing version control and provenance tracking.

The simulation engine for networks of abstract spiking neuron models called the network simulator provided by the software NEST particularly targets theoretical neuroscience and neurorobotics.


This workshop presents the capabilities of the network simulator and the corresponding PyNN expressions as available at the end of the ramp-up phase of the HBP in March 2016.

Neuromorphic hardware provided by the NM-PM1 (Heidelberg) and SpiNNaker (Manchester) systems enable the translation of a restricted set of software models to a platform with accelerated speed and reduced power consumption for high-throughput studies and interaction with the real world.


With this background, the main part of the workshop is reserved for a discussion of the scientific challenges and plans of theoretical neuroscience to derive future requirements on the simulation engine.

This will help developers to optimize the roadmap of the second phase of the HBP with the aim to maximize usefulness, uptake, and impact.


Introductory talks:

Andrew Davison, CNRS-UNIC

Markus Diesmann, FZJ

Mikael Djurfeldt, INCF Stockholm

Jochen Eppler, FZJ

Dave Lester, Manchester

Jeff Muller, EPFL

Eric Müller, Heidelberg U.

Hans Ekkehard Plesser, NMBU


Confirmed invited community contributions (among others):
Nicholas (Nick) Cain, Allen Institute for Brain Science
Mark de Kamps, University of Leeds
Alain Destexhe, CNRS-UNIC
Gregory Francis, Purdue university
Gernot Griesbacher, TU Graz
Jun Igarashi, OIST
Sören Jentzsch, TU Munich
Alex Seeholzer, EPFL
Stefan Ulbrich, KIT


Online user: 1